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First Responders such as Harbor Patrol, Lifeguards and Commercial Assist companies use Stay Afloat for the following reasons:

Stay Afloat is a one-step instant water leak plug and sealant that stops, controls or slows water leaks in boats and other marine applications. It works by displacing water and adhering tenaciously to wet or completely submerged surfaces.

It is applied by hand, as-is, out of the container with no mixing, measuring or cure time required. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any mixing or measuring required?
No, there is no need to mix or measure. Stay Afloat applies directly from the container in one part for immediate damage control remediation.

Does the product go off or harden?
No, as it does not harden it is easily removed for permanent repairs.

How much putty do you need to carry on board?
The more the better, but it really depends on the size of the boat/vessel and how many fittings the hull has. Up to 5 meters, it is suggested to carry at least a minimum of 2 small containers. For boats/vessels larger than 5 meters, it is recommended to carry at least two medium size or one or two large size containers; along with other damage control materials, suitable to handle large and small leaks.

How long can you leave it in the water?
Stay Afloat is not affected by water and it does not break down so it can be left in the water for as long as is necessary. However, it must be considered a temporary repair and any damage submerged in water should be permanently fixed as soon as possible. Above the water line, it can be used permanently and re-applied as necessary.

How much pressure can it handle?
Stay Afloat has been tested to 19.15 PSIA at 3 meters deep for 24 hours with no compromise. It also depends on how much material you use and how big the damage area is.

Is it flammable?
It has a very high flashpoint, >360° F. This is considered a very slight hazard. It is not regulated and is considered non-hazardous.

Can it be used or combined with other materials?
Yes, definitely. For larger damage control situations it is highly recommended to use Stay Afloat with other materials such as wood, plastic, metal, etc.

Does cold or heat affect it?
Cold does not affect it. The putty will become harder but sealing properties are unaffected by cold temperatures. Heat will affect it and it should not be used on hot surfaces or engines with a surface temp over 120° F / 49° C. It is intended to be used in contact with water, ocean, lakes, rivers, streams.

Can it be used on fuel leaks?
Fire departments have used Stay Afloat to temporarily stop fuel leaks in broken tanks and fuel lines. So, although it was not designed for fuel leaks, it may be used to help slow or stop fuel leaks in tanks and lines. Stay Afloat is not intended to be used on hot surfaces!

How do you clean it up?
From a hard surface: Scrape off as much as possible. Then use a rag or cloth and or acetone to remove residue prior to fiber glassing or permanently repairing surface area (or other appropriate solvent compatible to and harmless to the surface material). To remove it from your hands/skin: Use a cloth or rag, warm soap and water.

Does it sink or float when dropped into the water?
It floats.

8 oz. $10.99  14 oz $19.99 .

Stay Afloat is a non-toxic, putty-like material that instantly plugs leaks in boat hulls and marine fittings by hand molding into any shape. It will cling to wet or submerged substrates.

Used by first response emergency marine rescue operations, Stay Afloat stops water immediately. Use it on through hulls or hull punctures to instantly stop water ingress in emergency situations or apply it to that pesky port light dripping on your bunk far out at sea.

Stay Afloat works immediately with no cure time. This thick, wax-like consistency putty conforms and clings to any shape and substrate to prevent flooding. Its universal application is used extensively by emergency rescue personnel. This simple putty sealant can save your boat and possibly your life in an emergency. Don't leave shore without it.

Use Stay Afloat to plug or seal:

Hull Leaks
Broken or leaking seacock valves
Broken or leaking thru-hulls
Broken or leaking transducers
Leaking deck fittings
Leaking hawse pipes & deck pipe covers
Leaking port lights, windows or broken windows
Leaking hatches & doors
Leaking showers and heads
Leaking seams or transoms
Plug scuppers, drain holes
Waterproof electric connections, key ignition switches, leaking motor covers
Seal leaking buckets, containers, bait wells, coolers, kayaks
NOT INTENDED to be used on engines or inflatables

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